Artist Army

A YouTuber I enjoy watching is DrawWithJazza -he posted a challenge called Artist Army and my first thoughts were wooden manekins and Budica. The rest just fell together.


Mini Stonehenge Fun Set


Stonehenge has a Mini Pad Set, 10 pads of 2.5″ x 3.75″ papers. A nice way to test a variety of mediums on a variety of papers. Sadly, It did not include any of their 300lb cold press, which I had sampled earlier in small pads size. Each set was $15 on Amazon, $1.50 each not so bad a deal.

I’ve really enjoyed creating tiny little sketches. It’s amazing how much you can fit into a very small footprint. A few of my works were uploaded and without dimension info were mistaken for very large pieces! I am finding they are great to explore colors, ideas and compositions. Continue reading

Hideous Art and the Horrible Person

Mimosa Mornings Writers

IMG_2254This year, I have found great peace and stress relief in sketching. From my first drawings when I was a toddler (crayons on the wall do count!) through high school and art school. Even the painting classes I taught the officer’s wives in the evenings in the Marines, one lesson I’ve always tried to impart is the healing nature of art. I have spent a few years lately not creating art but instead writing. Only to learn, I need both. In our current kick in the gut political climate, sketching has been very effective in lowering my blood pressure and calming my soul.

I’ve also started sharing, some of my writing friends were not aware of my art background and said kind things about my work. I even stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a few FaceBook watercolor pages. I even posted a few things. The last thing I…

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Meditation Drawing, Fairy in Dream Stream

Be in the moment, I am terrible at meditation -I use it to fall asleep, but doing these sketches put me 100% in the moment and feel like a mind purge. This is my latest meditation drawing. An incredible number of hours went into her.
I drew the eye first and then the nose – for some silly reason, I said “no chin for you!” By the time I got to her shoulders, I had her flying through space -so the ears and wings made sense. So, from a blue fairy flying through space, I worked on her dress, wings and head with white, silver and gold inks. Around this time, I did my Whale Shark and explored Australian indigenous art. On YouTube, I watched and listened to some elders describe the dreams they paint. From this, I gave my Fairy a Aussie dream stream with a touch of chakras -she didn’t get a chin –so, it was the least I could do!

The beginning sketch
Finished Fairy

Watercolor brush pens, India ink, Posca Paint pens and Comic Pens

Starting a New 4” Journal

When I started the four inch journal I assumed I’d move into a larger daily journal for sketching; but, I really love this size. So, today I start the new 4″.

And so closes the first 4″ daily sketch journal. For a review of all the sketches click here.

29. Double. #inkTober 2018

I have sisters who are identical twins. My mother said they were so alike at birth, she put ink dots on their feet to tell them apart.

12. Whale #inkTober 2018

#inktober 2018

12. Whale

I really fell in love with the whale shark’s markings. He slipped into the next page!

InkTober 2018

I love creative challenges, they add a little loose structure to my life. Since I’m traveling, I’ll be posting these whenever, in batches.

#inktober 2018

1. Poisonous

#Inktober  – Poisonous

2. Tranquil

#inktober – Tranquil

3. Roasted

#InkTober – Roasted

4. Spell

#inkTober – Spell


Daily Journaling in 4 inches

A few years ago, I took an Artist’s Way class. It was very helpful to get me back into art. One of the activities was starting each day with three pages of writing. It was a stream of consciousness auto writing as the coffee sunk into my sleepy head. It was an interesting way to start the day. Sometimes it purged the fears and worries, other times, it helped waken dreams but mostly it was just a way to get going each day. IMG_0203

Three pages might not sound like much to someone who writes daily and some were so daunted they purchased tiny little notebooks. Other than cramps in my hands, actual pen to paper gets lost in today’s digital world, I found it very calming. But, life moved on and I dropped the practice a few months after the class ended.

I started doing drawing challenges this year. The 28 day challenge was interrupted about 28 times. Continue reading