20. Breakable #inkTober 2018


19. Scortched #inkTober 2018

12. Whale #inkTober 2018

#inktober 2018

12. Whale

I really fell in love with the whale shark’s markings. He slipped into the next page!

InkTober 2018

I love creative challenges, they add a little loose structure to my life. Since I’m traveling, I’ll be posting these whenever, in batches.

#inktober 2018

1. Poisonous

#Inktober  – Poisonous

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Daily Journaling in 4 inches

A few years ago, I took an Artist’s Way class. It was very helpful to get me back into art. One of the activities was starting each day with three pages of writing. It was a stream of consciousness auto writing as the coffee sunk into my sleepy head. It was an interesting way to start the day. Sometimes it purged the fears and worries, other times, it helped waken dreams but mostly it was just a way to get going each day. IMG_0203

Three pages might not sound like much to someone who writes daily and some were so daunted they purchased tiny little notebooks. Other than cramps in my hands, actual pen to paper gets lost in today’s digital world, I found it very calming. But, life moved on and I dropped the practice a few months after the class ended.

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