Make a Tool Work for You! Don’t work for a tool!

Last year, I joined an online program to monitor my diet, calories, nutrition and activities. I bought the book, listened to the audiobook and decided it was everything I needed and more. I still suspected something was wrong but I figured and they claimed, just stick with it and it will work! ‘

I enjoyed it a lot. The nutrition section was great. I cook from scratch almost always, I eat healthy almost always and I have always had a difficult time calculating calories from recipes, especially since I often substitute ingredients. SparkPeople has a recipe calculator! Check it out: SparkRecipes Calculator. The site is free, the recipe calculator is free. You can also figure out a serving size. Say you made a salmon pie, you list all ingredients and then divide by 6 slices, oops! too many calories! Increase slices to 8 and you are within your range. I find it very useful.

They also have a nice Fitness tracker and it’s user friendly. We know raking leaves is exercise but this tracker will calculate how many calories you burned! 

BUT, after a year of eating 1500 calories a day and exercising my tail off. I was gaining weight. If you are getting ready to mouth the words “Oh, it’s muscle!” Stop and no it wasn’t. I used to love Nautilus, I know I wasn’t gaining muscles. And I was feeling very sick, I was starting to have allergic reactions to everything. I had to stop doing laps and aqua aerobics when I started reacting to the chlorine! Add food allergies, always sick with a cold or flu and I was a miserable woman.

And thanks to The Biggest Loser, no one believes a word out of your mouth. At Weight Watchers I was accused of lying and when I objected they decided I simply didn’t understand and I needed a mentor! With a 150 IQ, I was comfy saying they were wrong. That’s what I hate about these groups, they have lay people counseling and talking out of their asses!

So, now I am on a plan that works and I am still using SparkPeople! But I no longer use their menus or advice. Those tools did not work for me. That doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! Try it and see.

The tools I use are the steps tracker, recipes tracker, meals tracker. You can also print out reports to follow your progress. I keep track of my measurements too.