Egg Burrito Breakfast 303 calorie

The most difficult thing I gave up on this diet: -eggs in the morning. I love them. They give me energy all morning, but with my cholesterol in the 300’s… I’ve seen the little cartons of  egg whites in the supermarket and tried them. Not bad! But, they have two kinds, one just egg whites, the other has stuff added to make it yellow and thicker -ew! This is my take on a delicious egg white panini I had in DC.
  • 2 tsp sun dried tomato packed in oil  (30 cal.)
  • 24 grams fresh sliced mushrooms  (5 cal.)
  • small bunch of baby italian mix lettuce (1 cal.)
  • 11 grams cheddar cheese  (44 cal.)
  • 6″ Misson Low Carb Frajita Size Tortilla (80 cal.)
  • 3T liquid egg white (17 cal.)
  • 5.3 oz. Greek Vanilla Yogurt  (110 cal.)
  • Large coffee with lots of milk  (25 cal.)

Spray skillet with olive oil add mushrooms and tomatoes, cook on medium until soft, top with lettuce and pour egg whites on top. Sprinkle with cheese. Cook until egg whites are set and wrap in tortilla.

a light, satisfying way to start the day

Egg Tortilla:calorie: 178   carbs: 16g  fat: 9g   protein: 11gm

Coffee and Yogurt: calorie: 135   carbs: 15g  fat: 1g   protein: 16gm

Grand Total:
calorie: 313   carbs: 31g  fat: 10g   protein: 27gm