A Crunchy Tostada Paired with Perfect Eggs! (265 cal)

There The crunch of the tostada is unbelievably satisfying. A treat on a diet! 378 cal. or 265 cal. if you use egg whites instead of whole eggs!

The crunch of the tostada and the perfect eggs

So good! A crunchy tostada spread with avocado topped with cherry tomatoes and poached eggs! Of course, now I’d use egg whites. A few dashes of hot sauce and you are good to go for breakfast or lunch!

There are mornings when you need to feel like you ate, this does it for me! Of course, I do it with egg whites.

  • 2 tostada (160 cal.)
  • 2 poached eggs (147 cal.) 2 egg whites (34 cal)
  • 2 Tb guacamole (60 cal.)
  • 3 cherry tomatoes halved (11)

Using 2 poached eggs:
Calories: 378  Carbs: 27 gm.  Fat:  22 gm.  Protein: 16 gm.

Using Egg Whites:
Calories: 265  Carbs: 26 gm.  Fat:  12 gm.  Protein: 11 gm.