New Best Friends: Pine Nuts & Sun-dried Tomatoes

Mediterranean Must Haves

Getting tired of salads or your tuna salad feeling like you ate one to many? Either of these will save the day.

The price is astronomical and both last forever, because a little goes a long way! But, not if you binge! –so, don’t eat either in one sitting! Pine nuts are so buttery in texture and taste, they make you feel decadent! Toss some in any pasta dish, a few go a long way!

    Benefits of Pine Nuts:

  1. vitamin E, vitamin K, copper, iron, and manganese for your heart
  2. contain lutein & beta carotene for your eyes
  3. protein and magnesium for energy
  4. pinoleic acid which triggers release of hunger suppressant hormones
  5. iron for circulation and nerve regulation
  6. copper to absorb more iron
  7. antioxidants to battle free radicals and divert aging

Sun-dried Tomatoes taste ‘bright’ and fresh and make all your dishes more happy (happy, may not be a scientific fact but that doesn’t make it not true!).

    Benefits of Sun-dried Tomatoes:

  1. soaked in good-for-your heart olive oil
  2. no cholesterol, high in ‘good’ fats
  3. provides Umami to foods: a full, meaty flavor imparted to foods, a savory taste from glutamate and ribonucleotides.
  4. Lycopene cited as reducing heart attacks
  5. natural source of vitamin C, which as an anti-oxident can help you reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease
  6. taste really good, even tomato-haters like them