Walking the dogs

Today, I took a nice 2 hour walk with the girlie girls along the river in Mount Airy at the new HB Rowe Environmental Park.

The entrance to HB Rowe environmental Park

Tala sniffing for friends.

A few months ago Tala injured my wrist by taking off after a squirrel or mouse or cat or butterfly without caring that she was attached to my wrist. Luckily, my hand remained attached to my arm! Since, then the part of my wrist involved with turning is OW! My doctor agreed to a brace and it will be in on Thursday. Until then I am wearing a walking belt, it’s pretty cool except if they take off running and then it’s as much fun as a kidney punch!

two siberian huskies on a walking belt

taking care of business before walking on path

I trained my girls to take care of business early, there is nothing so NOT fun as walking with a poo bag in hand. Although, that does prove you are a good dog owner! Tala is the best, when we are on the trail, she goes far into the brush to do biz and often kicks dirt and leaves over it! Of course, that backfires when Tala and Lulu think they are doing me a favor or it’s a competition, I still haven’t figured out what the ten bag days mean, except they will go 11 or 12 times!

husky walking in tall grass

How we gather ticks from tall grass!

The other thing they really love doing is brushing against the tall grass. I call this gathering ticks! I’m sure they aren’t actually intending to collect ticks, unless they know that the ticks will jump off in the house and get on us! EW! There is nothing we hate more than ticks!

two female huskies on leashes

Tala and Lulu hear a deer being chased through the woods.