Uh, groan… let’s go liquid today! (244 cal)

Capuccino Spirutein in Spirutein Shaker

Spiru-tein -frzn blackberries in Spiru-tein Shaker

BREAKFAST: Drink this Nutritious Energy Smoothie

  • 1 scoop Spiru-tein Cappuccino (100 cal)
  • 4 ice cubes (0 cal)
  • 100 gms frozen blackberries (64 cal)
  • 2 teaspoons of instant coffee (optional) (0 cal)
  • 1 spoonful of fiber (0 cal)
  • 1 cup soy milk (80 cal)
244 calories, 31 gms carb, 4 gms fat, 22 gms protein

So, I am seeing Dr. T again on Friday and I haven’t lost weight. I feel better, I seem smaller… (need to find tape measure) I am exercising, if you call back-breaking gardening exercise. I am also a bit stopped up. So, I maybe full of S_t, which means I am what I think. This drug can make you constipated -I know, it’s not the topic you want to hear and trust me, I like it even less! It is a diuretic and sucks the friggin liquid out of your colon, which sloooows thing down.

Now, I am okay if, I daily:

  1. I move: yoga or walking
  2. I drink a lot of fluids
  3. I take pro-biotic or eat live yogurt
  4. Add a scoop of fiber to a drink

Why the upheaval? I am getting back into web development and taking classes on Lynda.com -upgrading my skillset. What I forgot about this work is: I sit in front of the computer and lose all track of time! I sit down at 8am and can work straight through to 2pm or even 6pm! I am not drinking water or moving… therefore I get stuck.

Dr T had once suggested I take Polyethylene Glycol powder, PEG, a osmotic laxative… it’s didn’t work for me. I was just as slow and felt really ‘full’. I found a forum of people taking this appetite suppressant and they shared tips. I am going to add 3 ballerina tea to my evenings.

I am in the garden today doing some seriously hard work, spraying 2 acres with Mosquito Barrier and spreading mulch. Drinking lots of water and doing a day of liquid foods. Hopefully, I can show some improvement! Dr T warned me that I might plateau… sigh!

Had to postpone Dr T’s visit, was so sick! The night before my dogs ripped apart my bed -for the millionth time! New sheets, new mattress pad and mattress damaged. I couldn’t take it and cried for an hour!  So, I know stress can cause gas and constipation, this is what I assumed happened. My abdomen swollen hard and so sore! Felt like a gastritis or cholitis attack, of which I had a couple but years ago. I did some stomach massage and walking, tried a few other things and it wasn’t until my husband got home I realized it was a stomach virus, since he was sick too! Found some help online, I followed suggestion for fermented cabbage (not store bought sauerkraut, which is pasteurized, killing good pro-biotics) I ate some kimchi and drank some Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar  -this moved things pretty fast! We rested and then went into garden to work, 5 hours later felt okay!



3 thoughts on “Uh, groan… let’s go liquid today! (244 cal)

  1. I am going on a liquid diet too starting from today. Mainly coffee 🙂 good luck to us both

    • Thank you for the comment, but please be careful. It sounds like you are going on more of a fast, as coffee has no nutrition. I hope you careful, losing weight is only effective if you remain healthy. My liquid diet is often fresh fruit, fiber, protein blended into smoothies. I also benefit from a 1 day fruit fast with watery fruits like watermelon. As I am on an extremely low calorie diet, nutrition is very important to me, I don’t want to stress my immune system and get sick!

      • Thank you. You need not worry about the nutrition bit because I just can’t seem to stay away from food, so I’m just going to workout regularly 🙂

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