Next up, the Pesto Festival in my Kitchen!

My beautiful Italian canning jars arrived from Amazon today!

little round italian canning jars

a dozen little round italian canning jars

I have five different kinds of basil in my garden, also lemon balm and some oregano. I am going to be making pestos this weekend!

It’s easier than falling down! You simply use a food processor and meld herbs, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic and some parmesan cheese together to the taste you like! Make sure you leave a little layer of olive oil on top. You can store these in the fridge or freeze.

It’s a little dieting joy in a bottle. The flavor is just lovely and can add life to the simplest meals. Add a little to hot pasta and you have added an elegant, sophisticate flavor to a simple pasta.

  • A schmear on toasted french bread for a better snack
  • bruschetta: tomato and a shave of parmesan
  • kick a BLT up a notch with pesto mayo
  • put it in an omelette for color and flavor
  • mix with mayo for a mouth delite
  • in any savory sandwich, egg salad?
  • mix with couscous and chopped onions
  • stir into hummus for a great veg dip
  • use instead of tomato sauce on a pizza
  • makes a killer quiche flavor
  • enhance homemade meatballs!
  • add to scrambled tofu
  • turns scrambled eggs into Dr Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham!

…yes the list can go on and on…
would sage pesto work in a turkey sandwich?