Adjusting a serving equals a 305 calorie lunch

half a wrap equals 2 meals

A half wrap means 2 meals!

For anyone who uses any of the Food Log Pages I have listed on the  left side navigation, I apologize for not keeping it up to date, it is a bit of a pain to update. I still track my meals on chalkboards, scraps of paper and my iPod but getting them onto this page often requires I find time to do it! I am also working on liberating myself from an Oppressive Diet Lifestyle. I have been making my meals without calorie calculating and planning, hoping I have learned something over the past few months. After each meal, I then go back to calculate my success or lesson-learned -no failures here!

I portion my foods when I return from the grocery store. This helps me avoid waste and keeps a ready supply of known portions handy. In a previous posting on storing portions, I showed a few of the methods and the foods I portion before storing. It is so convenient to grab a frozen piece of watermelon or a pack of frozen blueberries when I am hungry or in a rush. It’s about a new lifestyle not becoming a slave to one!

The meal in the picture above is a perfect example of a satisfying lunch for me. I picked up two of these falafel wraps at Whole Foods but this one contained almost 500 calories! By simply cutting it in half I knew I had 250 and needed no calculator. I also sliced some fresh strawberries over a 15 calories slice of pistachio biscotti. I also picked some lettuce from the gallery, sprayed it with amino acids and topped with three olives. A large glass of lemon water finished a very satisfying meal. But I did not calculate my calories, so let’s see how I did:

  • 1/2 Ta Dah falafel wrap = 250 cal.
  • 1 pistachio biscotti = 15 calories
  • 3 strawberries = 15 calories
  • lettuce = 5 calories
  • Bragg’s amino spray =  0 calories
  • 3 olives = 20 calories
  • water w/ lemon juice = 0 calories
  • Total = 305 calories

Well, I think that worked out well for a lunch, I was satisfied and not rushing through looking up calories or editing a log.