Faux Cheat Lunch, local & seasonal (375 cal)

Somedays you just need a lunch that feels like cheating or seems like a treat, yesterday was one of those days.

Faux Cheat Lunch

Faux cheating lunch -yum!


  • 14 whole wheat crackers (120 cal.)
  • 2 T. hummus (50 cal.)
  • 1/2 white peach (34 cal.)
  • 100 gms cherries (50 cal.)
  • 1/2 heirloom tomato: cherokee purple (18 cal.)
  • 1/2 yellow plum tomato (7 cal.)
  • 5 oz. white wine (93 cal.)

Now, think about all the stress that made you feel like binging. Toss it over your shoulder and go sit in nature and nibble on your lunch and sip your wine. All the ingredients are good for you, taste the richness of eating local in season. It just doesn’t get any better, so don’t sweat the small stuff or the small-minded people.