Reimes, Limonade, beet sugar and 80 cal.

You may be surprised that your local BigLots is a gourmet go-to! I always wander their food section, usually for Italian pastas but recently I went on a mini-shopping spree to stock a pantry I started in the basement. Why? Because, the worst threat to losing weight is having no time to prepare a meal.

When I met my doctor in March, he said I would be on his program for one year! So, when I realized the medication hindered my ability to think, I was spending 2-3 hours a day just researching, logging, blogging and preparing my meals, I forced myself to accept that I would lose a year of writing, working, etc. But, if I wanted a long, healthy life it was a good trade-off. Sadly, Dr. X was not the ticket for me, he was a focused on a specific clinical ‘type’ namely one who fit this criteria properly but I don’t.

So, now I am on my own. I am moving forward with the good I learned and worked into my daily life and adding more. Now, that I am off the meds, I am able to think clearly and work again. One life-lesson I acquired was pre-portioning food and healthy, quick meals. So, when I see something healthy, I jump onboard and stock up.

rieme-limonadeSo, woo-hoo, shopping spree at BigLots. This is one new find that I really enjoyed this past weekend, Reime’s Limonade. European sodas differ from the ones we are used to here in the USA. FOr one thing they are made with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup and they use much less sugar than American sodas. They enhance rather than hide bitter flavors, so I personally prefer it. A less sweet, stronger flavor soda goes farther with ice or diluted in water, so you consume much less in calories and also no scary list of unpronounceable ingredients.

The sugar Reime uses is natural, local beet sugars. The calorie acct is 80 per 8 ounces. I also discovered that a 50/50 mix of Reim’s soda and sangria was refreshing and cut alcohol in half.

I’ll post more on my new pantry and start posting more quick meals! I am still getting my footing on this new path “on my own again”. I am more energetic, feel better and I am wearing new clothes!