How a Viking Cuts a Pizza!

I admit to going a bit nuts for kitchen toys, …er, I mean tools! –-but that is a much better vice than say, drugs or red-bottomed shoes….

12" Pizza Mezzaluna

12″ Pizza Mezzaluna

Getting help in the kitchen isn’t easy but luring your Eve-online gamer husband into the kitchen on pizza night is super easy when you present him with a Viking Pizza knife. Watch as he holds the lethal blade -even grasps it like a Klingon Bafflet (sp? probably wrong) and makes a few test swipes (get out of the way!)
As you roll the dough and prepare toppings, you’ll notice him not listening –he’s got his eye on the pizza weapon! He’s more than willing to help sliding the pizza off the pizza peel onto the pizza stone! Amazingly, he doesn’t run to his computer to fire up the latest online game or text pics of his beer to a friend in Ohio! No, no, he’s watching the pizza bake! He’s testing the weight, heft and feel of his new pizza weapon…
Now, what toy …er tool will keep him in the kitchen to help clean up the battlefield remains? This I have yet to find a solution, but give me time!