My Healthy Fast Food Breakfast 333 cal

A properly stocked breakfast can provide a healthy (iMho) breakfast!

a pantry breakfast

veg, caffeine, and computers

This red pepper spread is awesome! Also very easy to make but I found this in the gourmet shelves at BigLots, of all places! The crackers are european with only five ingredients on the package! –and everything simple and healthy! The coffee is arguably not healthy but hey, my vice, you can choose to skip it.

1 can 8.45 oz. illy latte (110 cal)
28 grams rosemary olive oil crackers (108 cal)
30 grams (2T) Ajvar red pepper and eggplant spread (25 cal)
4 oz vanilla yogurt (90 cal)

Calories: 333, Carbs: 56g, Fat: 7g, Protein: 12g, Calcium: 25g