OMG! Monkfish and the big decision

Each week, I rush to each fish counter and scan the offering behind the glass and wander off disappointed. I am hunting monkfish! I was able to get it in DC but it’s a totally rare occurrence here!


Photographer: Alexander Mayrhofer, from WIkipedia

And now, this week, Harris Teeter has Monkfish tails for $9.99 a pound. This is actually kind of funny, Monkfish are all tail and one big ugly head. But, I am not sure I can justify the trip, the gas to get there will cost the same as the fish. Sigh!

DH used to have a gas card, everyone in his family has a gas card but DH is in the doghouse for marrying me. SIGH! So, he wasn’t surprised when his gas card expired. His brother has lived at home for 35 years and gets a car, a gas card, a visa card and etc etc… The message is if you lived in the basement and didn’t do anything in your live, you too would be rewarded.

So, while I’m glad DH chose love and a career over living at home, not having the gas card makes a 50 mile trip to Winston for Monkfish a hardship. Which is why I have been buying staples at BigLots.

Don’t get me wrong, my situation is not dire as it has been at other times in my life. I am grateful but we are saving for something big! A surrogate to give us a child, OMG! It is so expensive! Basically, the cost of our first home.

Yes, DH gave up a lot for me and I seem to have only given up a drive for monkfish!

Well hasn’t this been a crazy, pathetic post! Hopefully, soon there will be a new blog, detailing our adventures in surrogate land! India calls them Surrogate vacations… what I will do for a vacation that isn’t with my in-laws! ROFL