Day One Sensitivity Diet His & Hers

As Day One Ends, my conclusion…

Day One: 1467 calories, 172 carbs, 69g protein

DH says he didn’t notice any difference from our usual dinners, sweet guy, huh? I am very hungry! craving carbs, so I had some rice crackers.

Day One Dinner

Cod Provençal with Ratatouille and Rice

Cod Provençal with Ratatouille and Rice

Our Dinner: 400 calories, 29g carbs, 24g protein

At Trader Joe’s yesterday I bought 2 frozen dinners for our dinner tonight. They are from France, which explains the problem in cooking times LOL. The dinner was Cod Provençale with Ratalouille & Rice -a lovely dinner! I added some sautéd spinach and garlic on the side. Also three strawberries with fresh mint and fresh ground nutmeg. I had a nice iced water.

Day One Lunch

Our Lunch: 554 calories, 58g carbs, 24g protein

an excellent lunch

This was a nice lunch, also included salmon jerky for protein and general yumness.

Oh yum! Lunch:

  • Butter lettuce and sugar snap pea salad with champagne & pear vinaigrette
  • Roasted red peper and tomato soup
  • Rice Crackers and Hummus
  • Wild Salmon jerky
  • Pinto Grigio

Oh, ouch! For some reason cider is not loved by my tummy. Okay fine, Rich can drink cider and I’ll drink something else, like wine 😉

Day One Breakfast

His Calories: 510, Carbs: 71, Protein: 23

My Calories: 513, Carbs: 85, Protein: 21

Well, DH was more satisfied and had more energy from his breakfast than I did. I was left a bit peckish but that’s okay, still feel perky! Big diff in meat vs no meat menus. The hemp protein was interesting and sadly not at all mellow, the smoothie did have a nice thick pudding feel to it, that was nice. LOL.


his sensitivity breakfast

Strawberries, Toast, Grits and Corned Beef has

I fixed DH a serving of grits using a little olive oil instead of butter and 1/3 can of Corned Beef Hash, he added a cup of chocolate soy, since he didn’t want to throw it away. So not soy-free for him.

Hers (Mine)

my breakfast

Green Hemp Smoothie with strawberries and toast

I made a Hemp Smoothie. I need to top 50 grams of protein today, yet try to keep fats down, so this was a good start.

    Green Smoothie

  • spiced cider 130 31 0
  • sm banana 93 24 1
  • hemp 90 9 15
  • manna 100 3 1
  • papya 14 3 0
  • 3 strawberries 16 4 0

Add to that a piece of gluten free toast and a coffee w/ milk (finished off carton, not dairy-free for me) Crazy that DH beat my protein but that’s meat for you! LOL