WTF!ville: No gluten, sugar, eggs, soy or dairy!

Yoiks! The Sensitivity Diet begins…
and oddly husband is eager to hop on board.

    Quick update:

  • The ultra low calorie with doctor plan worked as a starter but I stayed too long and started feeling sick again.
  • Learned:
    I had high body muscle mass, 34%! and was losing muscle (bad)
  • Learned:
    I had high normal fat percentage, 33% (<35% = normal)
  • Learned:
    I Need to eat 1 gm protein for every pound muscle mass! (~50-55gms)
  • Watched Dr Oz episode on Sensitivity Diet.
  • Planned for 2 week Sensitivity Diet with husband (means accommodating his picky-tastes.
  • Shopped for a few weeks which meant online, roadtrips, and $$$!
  • Today is day 1 (sort of….)

Sensitivity Diet begins

I am actually psyched, some of our favorite Japanese, Mediterranean and Scandinavian foods fit in perfectly to our plan. Also, husband’s dairy-free world was a good prep.

Basically, the diet calls for 2 weeks of no dairy, soy, gluten, sugar or eggs! They say the first three days are wicked bad, but whatever, we’ve both endured bad before in our lives. Then, we will add one food back and see how you feel the next day. We will repeat this for all five.

I know husband is allergic to milk, he has been able to tolerate a little more over time, so we will add that back first to get it over fast. As a treat, I bought some pistachio gelato. I figure this may be his last dairy treat, so make it a good one. He said he may not eat the whole thing and I said, no problem! I’ll finish that sucker off LOL. I suspect the gelato will be the light at the end of my tunnel!

Side Note:

I was sensitive to eggs as a baby but now have no problem eating them. But, when I was 20 yrs old, I was forced (military) to take the swine flu vaccine. They asked if I was allergic to eggs, I said, “No, I was as a child.” So, they gave it to me. I had a severe reaction, very severe! When I told the doctor, he was shocked the medics gave me the vaccine given my response. He told me that while I may be able to tolerate an allergen now by eating it –that does not mean I should inject it into my body!!! If you know you are allergic, you may want to accept it and not screw around by trying to add it back, that is risky behavior! My husband’s reaction is severe sebaceous eczema, which is gross but his reaction is lessening over time so we feel safe testing it, but he may choose not to test it back and I get his gelato and that’s okay too. So, I have avoided vaccines since then. I majored in biology focusing on immunology and virology –worked over fifteen years in cancer and virus labs at NIH, Tufts and Harvard. So, I respect the Immune System but I also respect my brain and it’s power to rewrite my code.

Day one, oops! I hate waste, so used remaining cup of milk for coffee this morning. Husband will need to finish off his Chocolate soy… Hey, life isn’t perfect and losing my morning cappuccino is going to be hard but I do love espresso. When we suspected dairy allergy with DH, it only took 3 days off to make him feel better, so the 2 weeks is a nice overkill period, the edges can be fuzzy!

As I have been doing on this blog, I will be including our recipes and menus, so you can use it as a base to do this yourself. This only deals with the most common allergens, so if you suspect or know you are allergic or sensitive to peanuts or seafood… keep that in mind!

I used to go to Chinese doctors but in DC and Boston, there were many I good ones available. Now, in rural North Carolina I only have access to people who took a course, which to me isn’t the same thing as ten years of study. One of my last Drs, a Dr. Guo, told me that allergies are not natural and they occur when you are out of balance. Maybe, when you find balance again, you might not be allergic again. But, sometimes these allergies remain like a scar to remind you to stay balanced. Balanced to him meant harmony, emotionally, physically, external and internally. I am hoping I can once again find balance, although i wonder if I ever had it and pray my scars are few!

So, here we go! Tomorrow, I will post Day One!