Day Two and a Crock of Comfort

Day Two Totals:
1629 calories, 208g carbs, 55g protein

In summary, day two was better, I kept my protein on track but calories were higher than I’d like. The replicator muffins were to blame -too sweet and too many calories.

If anyone has ever tried this kind of sensitivity diet and have any tips, please! leave a comment.

We are both hungry, which is just weird, I don’t understand it. So, I figured we need a crock of comfort. LOL

A Crock of Calories: 529 calories, 45g carbs, 26g protein

crock of comfort dinner

crock of comfort dinner

I browned a shoulder roast and tossed it into the crock pot with a mixture of apple cider and garlic. I added a bag of tiny new potatoes and 2 cups of tiny carrots. I also added a scoop of leftover quiona and cranberry. For dessert we split a pint of homemade cubed white peaches.

…and we’re still hungry LOL