Thanksgiving from the Sea

When a fellow blogger, C. John Thompson, posted his Canadian Thanksgiving meal, on his blog, Sybaritica, I drooled! Cioppino, how perfect! What a brilliant idea. The dish contains foods readily available to the Natives and Pilgrims back in the day. I asked dear husband what he thought. He said he’d be happy as long as I made my homemade bread to sop up the yummy juices.

While John posted a wonderful version, I decided to use my homemade canned tomatoes as my base with some homemade crab stock. To the stock, I added scallops, mussels, lobster tails, shrimp and cod. You might ask where is the garlic and herbs? The tomatoes contain an obscene amount of garlic and herbs fresh from my garden at their peak in the summer.

So, I while I have a lot to be thankful, I am very thankful for this meal!

Thanksgiving 2012: Cioppino, Boules, Champagne and Belgian Truffles

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Trés Bon!


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    • I think I used too many! I just pulled the lot out of their shells -to make it easier to store leftovers. Husband suggested Cioppino over pasta, over rice… etc etc.

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