Monday Veggie Burgers with Sides

veggie with sides and soup

veggie with sides and soup

Monday used to suck until I made them MeDays. I accept and embrace the fact that I will be resistant to any activity, my mind will resist attempts at creativity and my motivation will be bottomed-out. I know I will also stand lost in the kitchen and consider take-out. But, last week I got really sick from the Chinese takeout. Note to self, when owner’s mom is visiting from China and helping out with cooking …run!

I decided on Sunday that if I were to eat better, I might as well blog my meals. I am a foodie-whore and will eat better just to impress an audience of strangers. Go me! Sigh.

Tonight was California veggie burgers on thin whole wheat buns. Under the top: farmer’s market pickles and jalapeno mustard. Sides are spicy corn soup, grated sweet potatoes fried in olive oil, fresh swiss chard from garden farmer’s market 3 bean salad.