Tuesday Flounders with Quinoa

Flounder with Quinoa and Applesauce

Flounder with Quinoa and Applesauce

Sometimes cooking fish seems overwhelming and I’m not sure why. Enter parchment paper and a world of easy clean up rises on the horizon. Smear olive oil on paper (two sheets), add filets, add garlic, sea salt, sun-dried tomatoes, crimp and toss into 400º oven onto pizza stone. Then go about warming up pre-cooked Quinoa with Brown rice, peas and roasted corn (all Trader Joe’s freezer staples). Take a small bowl of applesauce and sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar.

You may have noticed there is no calorie count or tacking of protein… yeah, I am trying to just eat right and stop obsessing about the latest greatest advice -which really made me sick last year!

TIP: parchment paper is frigging expensive! Find a restaurant supply store and get 1000 sheets for twice what you’d pay for 50… simple math. I got a 1000 sheets for $30.