January 1 -grateful for Pavlova

Okay. I’m going to start a 365-Grateful category and post them here. I expect big things from this -soul-wise!

I am grateful today for Pavlova!


The story starts with the Aussie TV series “Packed to the Rafters” –it’s on hulu and is six seasons of cool or “What life in Australia is like.”

I made this Pavlova for New Years and my dear husband loved it and since I love him that was like a double dose!

I am grateful for the local free range chickens who laid the eggs, the world where I can get kiwis and bananas as easy as eggs! I am grateful for a loving husband who will try anything once. I am grateful for a world that allows me to immerse myself in another culture from my laptop.

Happy New Year 2014!

Australian Pavlova RECIPE