January 2 -grateful for water

Water is about the most amazing thing on the planet. I astounds me and enchants my mind. Can you imagine that since the first water molecule on planet Earth, to the stuff in your glass, this wonderful water has traveled from rain on a mountain top, to snow on Mount Everest and is even the stuff of glaciers.

ubiquitous water

ubiquitous water

A sip of water travels through your body helping you maintain life; in fact, a necessary component of life, we are even mainly composed of it. Rain, snow, humidity, fog, ice -it’s all just water. The water in your glass might comprise the same molecules that Van Gogh or King Tut drank.  The ice a penguin in Antarctica slides on, evaporates or melts becomes part of the ocean or clouds, travels millions of miles and days to be in your watering can to quench your flowers or provide you that wonderful cup of tea.

It’s almost magical and I am grateful to live on a planet in a life form that is mostly water and  water dependent. Thank you oxygen for the ménage à trois with those two wild and crazy hydrogen molecules! You keep me healthy, fluid and alive!