January 4 Gratitude for the Sun and his Offspring

A solar powered rainbow maker!

A solar powered rainbow maker!

I am grateful for my solar powered rainbow maker. It claims to activate the chi in my office, uh huh. When I am wearing my New Age hat, I can dig it; but mostly I love to embrace the visual effect of rainbows spinning and moving around my head and space. Rainbows the offspring of the sun and his little crystal hussies!

We all learn quite early that the sun is the closest star, the center of our universe and giver of life -etc., etc., etc.! From the earliest times, our ancestors knew the sun was a big deal –he is father, creator and god or symbol of god. None of this is too far from the truth. We learn in school from the wisdom of scientists telling us that the sun is as important as our ancestors suspected. In January, we remove ourselves from the sun’s love -all bundled up, cold, huddled inside and our vitamin D levels drop, many get a season depression and we all wait for spring.

This is a Southern thing for me, growing up in New Hampshire and as an adult living in Boston, I was outside all the time. There is a familiar look in New England –it’s the tanned face and neck perched on a fish belly white body. Our remarkable bodies have adapted to get all the sun needed from a limited area of skin in the winter. In the South, I don’t ski, see no snow, and I find myself staying inside a lot. My bad, it’s not the South, it’s me. Lately, I’ve been sitting on the back deck and turning my face into the sun for a nice 20 minutes of solar meditation. The rainbows encourage me with a gentle reminder to go outside, soak up some sun!

It’s January and many of us are counting and tracking calories… how about tracking minutes of sun per day? It’s often cloudy or raining, maybe some sleet and rarely a little snow… So, see sun? run outside! See how many days of 20 minutes of sun you can rack up. I bet you’ll feel better! You might need to break it up! 8 minutes in my pajamas with a whiney dog was all I could handle just now! I still have 12 minutes of catching up left today 😉