Day 6, Gratitude for Pet Cleaning Products

With Siberian Huskies: Cleaning Products Rule

I am grateful for an effective pet stain remover…

does the job!

does the job!

I go out of my way to find products that are safe and effective. If I can avoid a chemical, I will. I worked in cancer labs and watched someone dear die of an environmental cancer, so it’s a big deal. That said, I  draw the line when it comes to vomit, especially when I am a bit under the weather (digestive issues caused by dental anti-biotics) and the idiot-furballs, my four Siberian Huskies, have eaten someone/something that disagreed with them! I know for a fact that this weekend, they ate an old dead thing, a possum, a mouse and something else from the grab-bag, mystery category.

Dog vomit, cat vomit, hell –I bet there is hamster vomit! Vomit is only one disgusting thing that comes out of the pet that comes with with the job of being a pet owner. If you are careful these gifts from hell happen rarely but even on the best of days, sometimes supper is so good they eat it too fast and then eat it again!

I highly recommend this stuff! Spray it, soak it, and then cover area with a wadded dog towel. Stand on towel, repeat until stain is a bad memory… it also defeats the smell, which can have unforeseen and unfortunate side-effects!

My dog sItting at the table begging for a bite

oh, Mukki! No, you can not have a donut

Apparently, this year is starting out with me being grateful for the little things that make life bearable. Of course, I am very grateful for the big things and I will get to them. But, this is an early morning, daily gratitude post and it is the little things that can make us grateful in the midst of life’s WTF moments.