Day 8, Grateful for my Dear Husband

My dear soulmate

My dear soulmate

I am grateful for my dear husband, Rich.

Many would wonder why my dear husband wasn’t my first post of gratitude, but this does not mean he is any less important or my gratitude is less for him being number eight. Many cultures consider 8 a lucky number and I consider myself lucky to have him in my life!

I met Rich by accident when I called the police on the party upstairs from my condo in Boston. I had noticed him in the building –he definitely stood out in a crowd. He reminded me of the Edge in the band U2. He was tall and thin and wore all black with a black knit cap. And he never spoke, something which could only attract a chatterbox like me! After they came down the next day to apologize, Rich and I became friends.

Our friendship grew and after a few years, we realized that we were looking for each other in the people we dated. We’ve been together since that day, fifteen years ago. We decided to get married two years ago and our love has only evolved and grown.