Day 9, Gratitude for the Amazing Views from my Desk!

I can just hear my Grandmother, or anyone else in my family, they would look at this sunrise and say: “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailor’s delight!” It didn’t matter when this was said, they always used the whole phrase. Which is kind of cool, if it was morning and there was a warning, you were also reminded that it gets better. If it was evening, there was the implied, it could be worse… I grew up accepting the yin and yang of nature.

If you ever hear me complain about the weather, just wag a finger. I was raised to embrace each and every day as a blessing. There are snow blessings, rain blessings and sunshine blessings, all weather is a blessing. As, my Grandfather said: if you don’t have weather, your six feet under, how true! While I might wish for snow, I lived in Boston long enough to realize there is also slush and sleet.

So, a red sky this morning and I am alive, very grateful too!