Day 13, Gratitude for Options like Dental Tourism

I am grateful for technology that puts options like Dental Tourism into everyone’s hands.

Costa Rica and Dental TOurism

Costa Rica and Dental Tourism

So, after the shock of $8,000, we decided we had to bite the bullet for my broken teeth. I phoned the dentist and discovered he had the flu and won’t be in all week and next week looks full. Really? So, I started googling dentists and implants and 3 part bridges…. I discovered I could drive 6 hours to Indiana, across the river from Louisville KY and save 50% including a few nights in a hotel.

Then, I saw a link that drew me in. Dental Vacations… Basically, my husband and I can go to Costa Rica or Cancún -or several other places in Mexico for a savings of 80%… add in a week in a nice hotel and flights, total costs still saving 65% over what I’d get in Mayberry…

Oddly, getting our passports renewed will be more a pain in the butt than scheduling the dental holiday! As I said, a wonderful world with wonderful options.