Day 14, Gratitude for Tala

I am very grateful to have Tala in my life. She is my BFF (best friend forever) or BBFF (Big Best Friend Forever) but mostly BBBFF (Big Bad Best Friend Forever) and very occasionally, FatFatFancyPants.

IMG_3309Siberian Huskies and Malamutes have always had a place in my life. When I was a teenager, my best friend was Gunther, he even chased a bully who’d been calling me cruel names. During my first marriage, in Virginia, I had two, a Malamute and a wolf mix. Both were stolen which broke my heart during a time when I didn’t think my heart could be broken more than it was. My first husband was dying of a brain tumor for seven long years. I learned the heart’s capacity for pain was very elastic, which is a good thing to survive this world.

000_0973When I met my present husband, we were living in Boston and were given an enormous cat -he thought he was a dog and was a wonderful companion for 13 years, until he died from eating Chinese cat food in 2007. A few months later at my future in-laws, I had a melt down. Grief isn’t easy later in life for people who survive the prolonged death of a loved one. So, my grief for our cat hid away until a cruel comment from the woman who birthed my husband broke this camel’s back. My husband is very good with meltdowns, he was raised on them. So, when, in the midst of my tears, I wailed that I missed our cat, he simply said “When we get home, we’ll get a dog.” He loved Siberians also, as his grandmother had two when he was a child.

100_0874This started the arduous process of adopting a Siberian. We’d never have considered buying a dog, when there are so many tossed away. Passing out home inspection and background checks, a woman arrived one day with 2 crates and 2 dogs. We’d asked for them to be over 2 years old and I’d rather always liked red huskies. The Rescue volunteer arrived with two Siberians, a male who was probably 2-3 years old and half Malamute, and a gray and white female who was about 6-9 months old and had Jack Nickleson-eyes. The crates became two expensive boxes we used to store dog food because there was no way either dog was going to be crated. The first evening we sat uncomfortably with the dogs, we’d named them Mukki and Tala. After a few minutes, Tala jumped me began humping my shoulder and tried to put my entire head into her mouth. I screamed and we tussled, until I was able to hold her down for a ten count. We’ve been friends ever since! Mukki was a sweetheart and calmly watched with my calmly bemused husband -those two have also been BFF’s from the start.

Siberian owners are a little sibe-crazy, okay maybe a whole lot of batshit crazy!

Siberian owners are a little sibe-crazy, okay maybe a whole lot of batshit crazy!

Tala’s friendship with me has been one long struggle for dominance. I win, because the consequences are too frightening to contemplate. But, she is always close by, always a good listener and occasionally a know-it-all!
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