Day 15, Grateful for Happenstance

Today, I was sending a batch of photos to a new-found cousin in Connecticut and after I sent them, I looked at the email to make sure all went out okay. Two photos of my parents had ended up side by side and they were perfectly suited together. I opened Photoshop and did some knitting. This is my parents over a period of 25 – 30 years. This is how I want to remember them, not my interactions with them; but who they were inside: souls pure, undamaged and happy.
Mom&Dad I am grateful for coincidences. Last year, a second cousin on my father’s side of the family contacted me via It was a wonderful day, he is my paternal grandmother’s nephew. I know very little about my father’s side of the family and no one is left to fill in the blanks until now. I knew more about my father’s paternal side and nothing but rumors about his mom’s family. Searching through documents only created more mystery. My cousin’s parents are still alive as are his aunts and uncles. He has sent me wonderful photos and filled in a lot of the blanks. I have learned some dark secrets, which explained why my father was who he was. Learning this has brought closure and forgiveness. He really didn’t stand a chance,  I could see from where his rage grew.