Day 17, Gratitude for the Elderberry

I am grateful to the under-appreciated elderberry. In Europe, it is considered a miracle plant. In some countries, having an elderberry bush on the property was considered a valuable asset.

I scour the web for old wives’ tales and indigenous medicines. I have enough education and experience to also back up my findings by reading NIH and European medical studies. Several years ago, I was fighting a bad cold and ran across Sambucus on I bought it without the due diligence because I was already a fan of bilberry for my eyes and blueberries for anti-oxidant properties, gotta love berries! The rave reviews for Sambucus were hard to ignore.



I expected it to be safe, but wasn’t prepared for it’s healing power. My grandfather was proud of being half-Algonquin, his mother was from the Band of Algonquins in Quebec. He would tell me as a child that God gave us everything we need in our backyards but it works best for people who treasure and value the life we are given. In other words, don’t go looking for a magic herbal tea to cure the hangover you woke up with when you spent the night poisoning your liver with too many drinks.

The Sambucus arrived the following day, thanks to my Amazon Prime membership. What I thought was a cold had turned out to be the flu. I was in bed feeling like I’d been hit by a truck when the delivery man left the small box by the door. Against my body’s complaints, I got up to retrieve it and immediately took a swig and repeated every four hours. I started feeling better and two days later I was doubting I even had the flu. That was several years ago, I am still taking Sambucus, now I take it every morning during flu season, with breaks every few weeks.

Of course, at the price charged, I could never afford doing  this. Now, I make my own. It’s so painfully easy that I made the first batch while sick! Finding elderberries isn’t easy, I plan on planting some in the spring. A West coast company sells dried organic berries but postage to the East coast was more than crazy. I then discovered it is used by wine and beer hobbyists. So, a pound of dried Elder Berries sits in my cupboard. This morning I made my third batch, just a quarter cup makes a lovely quart that awaits my needs in the fridge.

At my University, Biology majors often avoided any immunology classes, let alone the advanced classes; especially, those heading to medical school. High grades are vital to entry and Immunology classes are gpa-crushers. But,  I loved the professor and fell in love with Immunology. Our immune systems are amazingly complex and the classes were the second time in my life I saw something in a lab that convinced me of a higher power. The first was the sight of a crescent-shaped red blood vessel beating on the surface of an egg yolk in embryology class.

So, if you love your connection with Gaia, mother earth, the brain God gave us and this amazing planet, you might want to explore the healing around you.

I am providing no links, you can Google yourself. I am not a healer for anyone other than myself. I am only offering my gratitude to the elderberry and it’s best use, the mighty Sambucus Syrup.