Day 24: Gratitude for Espresso

Note: This is yesterday’s post. I’d saved it as a draft. I am totally screwing up this 365 day thing…
true, undying  reliable love

true, undying
reliable love

When I worked at NIH, I was traumatized by an event, rescued by an Italian girlfriend, my BFF at the time. I stayed with her for a few days, I have no memory of the stay –the main thing that stayed in my mind was my first espresso. It was 1988 and I was working in a lab, I lived on coffee, it was my 60-hour work week, life blood.

I sat at the table the first morning and she handed me a tiny cup of coffee. My early morning reaction was probably similar to a junkie being offered an aspirin. “It’s espresso.” My friend said and walked away to make a teeny tiny cup for herself. I sighed. I figured I’d get a coffee later, somewhere. I couldn’t go home.

I took the tiny cup, feeling like I’d been swept into Gulliver’s travels and took a sip. My mouth puckered up and I did all I could to resist spitting it out. “WTF?” I said. She laughed.

Now, years later, I can only smile. Espresso ranks very high on my favorite things. My dear husband has solemnly promised to pour one into my mouth daily if I ever have a stroke and am unable to move or even ask for my magical potion. The only thing that has changed is I rarely use sugar.

In Boston, another Italian woman I knew, taught me a sneaky little trick. After watching me add packet after packet of sugar to my espresso, she took several packets into her long elegant fingers and like a magician palming a coin, she deftly tore open all in one movement and poured them in as though a single packet. Oooh! Was their nothing cooler an Italian could do? Well, actually, yes. When an Italian man says my name: Christina, my knees melt but that’s for another day… this post is all about espresso.

My favorite smoothy is Cappuccino flavored Spirutein, which I’ll rave about on another day. I make it with 2% link and add in 2 -3 shots of espresso. This is high protein my way!

Before you gasp and go all anti-dairy and anti-coffee on me. My recent DNA testing shows I come from people who are not adversely effected by coffee or milk… so there! .vindication. .oh, glorious, vindication.