Day 28: Gratitude for Snow

This post is mine but also on behalf of Lulu who held off naps in order to relish the falling snow. She sat outside with her eyes closed for several hours in different places alone away from her friends.

A Zen-like Snow Meditation

A Zen-like Snow Meditation

I can’t help thinking when I study the look on her face that she is meditating. Am I anthropomorphizing? Maybe. But, why shouldn’t or couldn’t a dog meditate? What is a meditation. She is in the present, far more than I can accomplish most times. Why close her eyes if not to focus on her other senses? She can smell the increased cold moisture in the air, listen to the subtle sounds of snow falling in clumps off branches and the sound of birds hopping around scrummmaging for buried seeds. She can feel the cold snow she sits on through the thick undercoat of fur. A few times I see her tilt her head back and occasionally open her mouth. Would her desire for a snowflake on her tongue be any different from mine?

Later, I’ll go outside and sit on the doghouse to enjoy a few minutes of quiet snowfall as Lulu sits a few feet away. She’ll keep one eye on me and not fully relax as she did earlier in the photo. But, I’m not a husky. A generous portion of my DNA is from Northern climes, mostly Northern Scotland and Scandinavia but that does not make me a Siberian husky. Eventually, my butt is frozen and I move inside, but not before hearing a sigh of relief from Lulu. I go inside and don’t look back to see her relaxing.