Day 32: Gratitude for a Sleepless Night

I am grateful for the occasional night of insomnia. I am one of those people who’s mind spins and refuses to stop. An odd thought, a good idea or worse a hurtful memory and I can kiss sleep goodbye.
Stress Worry Woman with Text on WhiteI do not lie in bed or toss and turn, I get up. I know that I’m not going to fall asleep so I might as well do something. Write and few pages in my WIP or watch TV on my computer. And here I am up at again at nearly 6am, I woke at 1:30 and have been digitally wandering and watching Netflix. I have a good idea why I’m not sleeping, so I’ll deal with it today and get a better night’s sleep tonight.

I’ve learned that worrying about not sleeping can keep you awake, so one night is just a longer day and I move on. If it’s a big problem or hormonal. I’ll take some serotonin or drink chamomile tea and it usually sets me back on track. I try to be productive, so I can make good use of the extra hours, even if its to do dishes or bake some bread. There is not much to do about an odd sleepless night, so yo give yourself a reason to be grateful and everything falls back into place.

Yup, yawn…