Day 33: Gratitude for Ancestors

I am grateful for my ancestors, they gave me the ATCG (DNA) that started me on this path. They also inspire me and help me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I can be lost on for days, following different branches on the family tree. I’ve gone back to 320 A.D. on one of my branches. Another family member fell overboard while coming her on the Mayflower. While it is a hobby, there is a sense of pride I feel when I stumble over a new mystery.

IMG_3626I had given up hope on learning anything about my father’s family, especially his mother. The family anecdotes where not matching up with the records online, like census and birth certificates. Then one day I received and email in response to any information about her. He was her nephew and he was able to tell me some of my grandmother’s sisters were still alive. We’ve exchanged pictures and marveled at family traits. A young photo of my great grandmother looks exactly like my twin sisters. Family history even sheds light on where some damage originated.

I am in awe of the lives led and sacrifices made by my ancestors. I’m also sad for the sins and damage some suffered. It’s a good thing to be proud of the accomplishments or ranking of some but it’s also good to know or see the weaknesses and crimes. It’s easier to forgive when you understand the source.