Day 34: Gratitude for Mondays

Contrary to the many memes that go viral about Mondays, I love them! And I am grateful for Mondays. As a child, they meant I was back in school, which was a safe, sober sanctuary. School was a place where you not only learned something new every day –you learned something new every minute of the day. And Mondays meant the adventure started all over again.

Up to no good

Up to no good

As I grew older and more in control of my life, Mondays became even more exciting. I usually wake up smiling, even in bad times; it takes a fully, awakened consciousness to wipe that smile off my face. I lie in bed smiling and then the plans start, if it’s Monday, the plans include the coming week. What needs to get done, what has to get done, who needs to be included… before long the soft, comfortable environment cradling my body becomes a springboard.

Coffee, it’s Monday and I need coffee, lots of wonderful! The fridge is full and meals planned. My outline is newly adjusted and words need to be written. Wikipedia awaits to give me my one new thing and sometimes a few more to astound me. I’ll even enjoy everyone else’s I hate Monday Memes because we are all different and that is also a wonderful thing.

Today, I get to bring the little monster to the vet for his annual check up and shots. I feel bad for dogs, like babies, you can not explain to them why you are bringing them to a person who will hurt them, invade their nether parts and stick needles into them. Fortunately, Quinn is often a bad dog, so I tell him “Remember all the things you destroyed this year; including Mommy’s knees, ankles and peace of mind? Well, today is Pay Back Time and I laugh maniacally, which he seems to honestly enjoy. Afterwards, he’ll look at me and narrow his eyes and let me know he’s thinking: “Well played, bitch!” and I’ll smile back at him and agree.

It’s Monday and a new chance to get it right, ride the roller coaster of life and it embrace it all! But, first coffee!