Day 40: Gratitude for the Return of my Desk

the new space

the new space

I am very grateful for the return of my desk, I’ve missed it. My husband and I migrate around the inside of my house like nomads. My office has moved from room to room. Currently, it’s the old dining room. It was the small spare room until I offered to share it with my gaming husband. That did not work out well, I can not work in the same room as someone shouting battle commands or worse saying “I’m dead.” at least twenty times a night. I am also a morning person, he’s a middle of the night person. I did not want him back in the living room, watching TV to these battle noises is just as bad. He was in the basement but this part of North Carolina has a normal radon situation and it’s cold down there. So, I set up an old antique desk my father gave me and grumbled about my IKEA desk that now was a battlefield. My husband’s IKEA desk hid dismantled in the garage… for the last few years, I mulled over how to get my desk back. I’d given up on the office. I don’t want him in the potential radon environment.

Suddenly, this weekend my dear husband got off his duff and brought his desk upstairs from the garage. My antique desk is in the bedroom playing vanity, as it should and my desk is where it belongs. I love this desk. I love the light color, since our high ceiling loft-style home feels like a dark cave. I love the open bookshelves that are perfect for baskets, books and treasures –they are also accessible from both sides. My desk is twice as deep as the antique one, so I get to share my space with a jungle of air cleaning oxygen sharing plants.

Husband is also happy with his new space, it consists of a large, conference table sized desk, a chair and a dog bed. For storage, he is using a huge, wheeled plastic container that originally held my fabrics. It is a spartan environment but exactly what he wants. We both face large windows that show us what the wildlife is up to in the backyard and even the beasts attempting an escape.

All is good and I feel eager for Monday to crank out my words on my desk.