Day 42: Gratitude for Polka Dot Snow Boots

polkaBootsI am grateful for finding exactly what I need, when I need it and on sale! Growing up in New England, you know there is no cold, just poor choices for clothing. Living in the south, buying proper clothing for snow is like buying an Easter outfit -wear it once a year. We are expecting a respectable snow storm this week and, WeatherUnderground and Swackett all agree, so I’m prepping. I was hesitant about buying proper footwear, my feet are always hot. I wear sandals year round. But, we have a 200 foot driveway and shoveling it will be a cold-feet event.

Also, just finding a snow shovel was going to be a challenge. I headed for the Farm & Tractor Store for deer corn, dog food, and hopefully something else. Since they are selling valentines and easter stuff at the stores, I wasn’t holding out hope for my feet. But, not only did they have shovels, they had cute little polka dot boots lined in neoprene stuff and for ⅓ the price of every other boot they were selling. They fit perfectly and are warm with wool socks, so come on snow! I’m ready! There will be Siberian huskies mushed here!