Day 45: Gratitude for Snowdays

I am grateful for the break snow days provide. Well, a break from the normal routine. Where I live now snow is a rare, rare thing. Growing up in New Hampshire, it was exciting -no school! and a pain, shoveling! My father never considered hiring someone to shovel or getting a miracle snow blower, he figured if God wouldn’t give him a snow, those four daughters were going to shovel!

the "no" in Snow is all about shoveling

the “no” in Snow is all about shoveling

Yeah, fun! Oddly, my husband who is wonderful about many things seems to have the same attitude about snow… well, not about girls but mainly shovel and shut up.

Won’t he be surprised when the electric snow blower arrives! (Woot Woot $99) I’m sure he will think it a ‘girlie’ snow blower and may even wonder why it isn’t pink, I don’t care… 200 foot driveway is an evil serpentine monster. And we only get one or two storm a year, with mostly all melting an gone within days. But, will you look at that driveway! It put the “No!” in snow!

This year we only shoveled two paths for each wheel, which was husband’s idea, yeah… he got the truck to the end of the drive and parked it. Next morning he was able to leave but unable to make it up the black hill of ice. There is a horrible cringey feeling inside as you watch your dear husband slide down the hill backward in a big truck knowing there is a 10 foot deep pond at the bottom. Yes, he keeps pointing out the trees but still! I’ll end up being one of those people who drown saving the person who managed to save themselves!

Gratitude for a snow day and helping me keep it all in perspective!