Day 46: Gratitude for HangOvers

Yup, you heard me correctly I am ever so grateful for hangovers. I am so happy my mind and body react so negatively to me running poison through my liver. –sorry liver! I like a glass of wine with dinner but I am no match for my dear husband who inherited some miraculous cast iron liver from the Irish side of his family. I did not, my liver is a delicate flower that wakes me at 5 am on the day after Valentine’s Day slamming the inside my cranium with a sledge-hammer as mighty as Thor’s.

see the evil carafe on the left? ...see the cute dog on the right? okay, that's all there is to see!

see the evil carafe on the left?
…see the cute dog on the right?
okay, that’s all there is to see!

I had it all planned, Champagne doesn’t give me a hang over, there was a perfectly chilled bottle, not the super French one I love with the orange label but a respectable cheap one. My misstep was looking at the burgundy seasoned lamb tips and mashed cauliflower and thinking, then saying: “Do we have a nice red wine open?”

My dear husband comes from a world that has no concept of an open bottle of wine… I come to the table and find he’s filled a carafe with red wine, a very tasty cab and seriously, I only wanted a glass but the thing about a carafe is, they are right there on the table pleading for attention, they might as well have a ‘drink me’ tag tied to the neck! So yummy lamb, tasty puff pastry and delicious mashed garlicky cauliflower and the wine kept flowing! Soon we were donning snow boots (polka-dotted ones, see previous and relevant post) and running around the dogs yard with the dogs and tossing dog treats for them to chase. I have to say, one more nice thing about a foot of snow, you can see doggy poo easily in a full moon and avoid it!

But, that leaves me with this killer headache this morning and my sincerest apologies to my liver…