Day 48: Gratitude for Simple Solutions, Waist Aprons

4-way apron

4-way apron

I am grateful for the 4-way waist aprons I purchased from a professional restaurant supply outlet. I have a very bad habit of wiping my hands on my shirt or pants when they get dirty, an apron is perfect but not always practical. Also, aprons are usually pretty, I remember my Grandmothers and mother in pretty aprons -they always seemed clean, more a part of their outfit like gloves or a hat. I’d put my aprons to good use or should do!

But, as it were, I have grease marks on most of my shirts from wiping my hands. It’s not only while baking or cooking but also when I’m painting or gardening. Recently, in a restaurant I watched the bartender wipe his hands on his apron, but on closer look it was a folded square. A few minutes later, I watched a waitress untie her apron and flip it over to a clean side. Well, I wondered why should they have such mess coolness? It was easy to find several outlets and they was super cheap! Only about $1.50 each so I got a dozen.

Now, if I can only remember to wear them all the time. When I do wear them, I can keep my clothes clean, oils, paints, and dirt stay off my clothes. Hats off to the inventor of these nifty little cloths, they also double as wipe down rags when I need one quick.