Day 52: Gratitude for a Warm Winter Rain

IMG_2007I am not the only one grateful for this warm winter rain today. The birds are busy building nests, finding twigs and building up fat layers for the enormous job ahead. I wasn’t blessed with children but I can see the strain and the work involved. I still dream of a day when a child becomes my blessed burden but for now I watch a squirrel stuff her mouth, a double row of nipples running down her fat tummy indicates her role. “You are glowing!” I tell her through the window and give her a thumb’s up.

IMG_1795Finches rummage through the puffs of husky hair I leave in a dry spot on the deck. The pointy green tips of daffodils are emerging through the diminishing layer of snow. Soon dogwoods will float their fairy-like blossoms in the woods on branches invisible against the browns of decaying leaves. No one seems to mind the rain at 60°, especially when it was forty degrees lower only last week. I’m with them, there might be more snow and freezing temperatures but today is a respite.

Nervously watching for lightning.

Nervously watching for lightning.

The only one a bit nervous is my alpha husky, Mukki. He is terrified of thunderstorms and we already heard some distant rumbling. I’m sure if he could speak, he’d only say: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He is strong and fearless but not when it comes to thunderstorms. I can only imagine is hard life when he was lost up in the mountains, alone and hungry. The enormous thunderstorms, the freezing rains and no shelter. I’m sure he doesn’t regret his captivity with us, even when he manages to slip under the fence, it’s only for a short run and then he’s back at the front door.

So as I enjoy the respite of a warm winter rain, Mukki sits nervously knowing that just around the corner are the storms of spring and summer. For me, it means cuddles and comforting. Nothing is sweeter than holding the big guy in my arms as the Thunder brothers battle it out.