Day 56: Gratitude for the Spiral

What is more perfect than a spiral? A formulae that uses mathematics to create beauty. The presence of spirals in nature is one of life’s perfect miracles. From a tiny shell to our spiral shaped galaxy, can anything feel more correct than a spiral?

Spiral Lichen

Spiral Lichen on a log in my backyard.

220px-UGC_12158 Spiral is also the course of many things not physical. It is often the course of love and relationships. As a child matures and becomes independent they move further out from the heavy gravity of home but a healthy child keeps their family at the center of their lives. When a parent is damaged and they damage this love, the spiral gets broken and the path becomes more difficult for the child.

In my life, this spiral has been my path and my relationship with the Creator. A good life requires independence and choices; we travel on a path we chose and chosen for us. To grow, we need to move away from the stronger gravity, make decisions, take risks; but keeping the goodness of creation at the center, we should not lose our way.220px-M101_hires_STScI-PRC2006-10a

800px-Fibonacci_spiral_34.svgIt feels like the world is not moving toward a weaker gravity. People are staying set in the strongest pull at the center. They refuse to make decisions or take risks. This means they fall easily under the sway of those who have an agenda. Stay rigid and your mind stays small. Small minds kill children for playing music they might not like. Small minds fear children of another color, maybe these children of color are portrayed on television as dangerous. A small mind in a state of fear can not see the difference between real life and television fiction.220px-HAWK-I_NGC_1300

As a species, we’ve grown out on a spiral path. Our minds have evolved to a state that allows us to do miraculous things and yet we can’t seem to love each other, something a simple organism can accomplish. To love your species, means you want your species to grow and thrive, a virus can strive as a community to find a path of survival. Trees support each other, they create a force to survive the elements. Even the most solitary of animals come together to thrive.

But humans, with our big advanced brains, our perfect souls and advanced societies can not do what the tiny cat can do. Imagine a pride of cats forming a vicious army to wipe out the tabbies. Imagine a black cat with white paws, killing a yellow cat passing by… the cat would be captured and put down since it would be determined as abnormal, perhaps diseased.793px-NautilusCutawayLogarithmicSpiral

Yet, a teenager approaching a house to use a phone because their car breaks down is shot and killed by a fearful homeowner. I can not wrap my head around this. Most of us never face a situation where we are given the choice to help, trust, love or kill.

The thoughtless grandparent or parent who has left a firearm carelessly available to a toddler or young child. Imagine a child growing up knowing that when they were three years old, they killed their grandfather. How will the rest of the family treat them as they grow up?

Move out of the strong gravity at the center, feel the lighter forces, make informed decisions. Consider consequences. Actions and inactions, hatred and indifference influence our society. Embrace the brain we’ve been allowed to develop, use it and consider the role you play in the future. It would be very nice to make sure we have one.781px-Asiatiska_folk,_Nordisk_familjebok