Day 59: Gratitude for another Woot Find

coldSelfieYeah Boy, it is not easy doing this gratitude post every day! It’s not that I don’t have a lot to be grateful -it’s just I never have been good at getting into a habit -good or bad. But, this morning I was very grateful for my latest Woot find. In the picture you can only see the hat but it came with really cool fngerless gloves that transform into mittens with a little unbuttoning. I’ve had hats like this before and loved them but this one is lines with a silky-soft, fleecy material. And it felt so yummy, I almost went back to bed wearing it! So, that’s it for today, no long rambling philosophical brain vomit, just a simple woot find, my very loverly war MUK LUKS fur-lined helmet and gloves!