Day 61: Gratitude for A Sunny Winter Day

even Siberians love a little warmth on a winter's day

even Siberians love a sunny winter’s day

No matter how cold the winter’s day, a little sunshine can warm up even a Siberian Husky’s nap. This is Quinn and Mukki and my view of them from my desk.

A Siberian Husky is optimally happy at -35°C but there is little chance these guys will see that temperature in North Carolina. Today was warm, I sat on a wooden bridge as the played in the water, splashing me and each other.

Sometimes I feel as out of place in the South as my dogs. I grew up in New Hampshire and spent my summer days in the basement waxing my skis dreaming of shushing and the feel of the edges of my skis scraping down the steep icy slopes of one of the ski resorts we spent out winter weekends as a family.

But not today, today the warm sunny afternoon was a real enjoyable blessing.