Day 64: Gratitude for Role Model, DeeDee Jonrowe

deedeeCarrying on my gratitude for most things Iditarod, I am going to start today by a highlight focused on a great lady in pink DeeDee Jonrowe. She is an Iditarod musher, Ironwoman and Cancer Survivor. She takes every opportunity to use her fame to support the causes important to her. But, for me, her greatest gift is being a role model. Women have few enough in this age of fame for fame’s sake. As a willing hostage of four Siberian huskies, I appreciate the love DeeDee has for her dogs, their welfare and well being is her number one priority.

ddeeI’m not sure very many people understand the sport or a musher’s life. This is a 7/24/365 sport. Imagine a jockey who has to be there for the horse’s birth, raise the horse, train the horse, live with the horse… or an archer who has to plant the tree and make the bow and arrows. You can tell how much some of these mushers love their dogs and that makes sense, they are family. When someone like DeeDee Johrowe or Lance Mackey undergoes a battle against cancer and still manages to do the Iditarod, you can only imagine the strength of character

Visit DeeDee’s web site and learn more about this amazing woman.

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